Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Method of treating liver


The liver is the body's most important organs. The bottom of the abdomen, this red-brown organ on the right diaphragm 300 weight is 50 lbs. The converted to save the main responsibility for functions such as the use of amino acid secretion of bile and absorption of fat and sugar, in the blood of urea (the main component of urine) and production of toxins, infections and muscle glycogen is essential for oil painting. The liver is actually a healthy host agency is important to process it to run that to maintain our system.

The right to keep the liver healthy eats. High food, such center, ballocks, addicts or protein and beans; is avocado, papaya, watermelon, fresh fruit. Protection against the liver disease agents of spinach, abstract, cucumber vine, carrots, tomatoes, beans and vegetables for good to sprout. The food to other types of liver, broccoli, garlic, beet, onion, mushrooms, wheat germ Detox.
Please note that locally grown produce. Fat, oil, bacon, salami, sausages, fries, potato, so liver health foods, chalk cream off our cheeseflower, dairy products. Beef jerky hot dog meat also, is harmful to the health of the liver. These foods are saturated fats have very difficult cross-processing.
If you consume a range of high caffeine drinks some. Very large amount of money. Comes up three glasses are harmful to health, soda, tea and coffee making facilities consumption is trying to bind yourself to one day.
Drink plenty of body of water. A body of water is better and that liver cleansers. This flush the toxins in your body are allowed throughout the system. Fresh orange juice and lemon juice-contains the locations of those good for you juices healthy will help clean the body, and is I went to the mountains.
Monitor the intake of sugar. Many of the sugar are healthier but overall system not use only. Liver disposal is sugar, fat and risk of cardiovascular disease high weight a lot of only these all agents it is is that do not contribute to make of cholesterol must transform. Too many artificial sweeteners increases the risk of experiencing or low blood sugar is harmful to the liver of fatigue.
Do not drink too much alcohol. It is difficult to handle the booze, beer and vino. Constitutes 1-2 drinks alcohol, is not a healthy liver toxic. But the ones over 3 cups of drinking can share to alky hepatitis, advise. In all there are drunk citizenry with bouncier disease, as yet. Or type to apply the same drug mixture of painkillers and alcohol the same people under drug can be dangerous.
Stop smoking away from noxious gases and liquids and stay. Intake air is filtered in the liver lungs. To the environment are harmful to your health if you breathe air is chance your liver is harmful to the health of yours. The high risk of development of the main organs of other types of the disease, associated with liver cancer in smokers. Pest control or washing liquid spray bug spray, spray, paint thinner, paint thinner, and pain should be treated carefully. Not Eddie can damage your liver doesn't wear a mask.
Wear protective equipment during intercourse does not share personal items. Hepatitis / liver disease has sent through some body fluid blood. Especially when suffering from diseases of the liver that your partner doesn't share your personal stuff to condoms, toothbrushes, razor and use a Nail Polish Kit.
See the scheduled hepatitis vaccine with your doctor. A and B, hepatitis liver is the most common infectious diseases. To apply the tremendous damage to protect against A? Hepatitis infectious virus vaccination.Read more.....

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