Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In Midtown, New York City Italy

One of New York City, the cosmos most thickly settled city in the United States. Sponsored immigrants in urban areas to create a hubby amusement, forge, financial, commercial and cultural properties, the annual number of millions. If you plan to visit an authentic, traditional and Times Square New York Italy cooking offers many options.

A restaurant owned by the family to provide the patrons in New York since Italy 1944, Patsy's. Became a celebrity in Italy gullible people by cooking refined atmosphere of zone with authentic Italy Italy in annual food lovers ' s. Menu appetizers, stuffed squid, is the artichoke variety salad clam Casino, hot and cold appetizers. Cook Penne Alla vodka and chicken contadina, main entree lobster shrimp Diavolo, scampi, lamb roast and filet mignon Marsala baby will apply. Patsy Italy restaurant's lunch and dinner (-is open from Monday to Saturday.
New York is located in the delicious cuisine in the cozy atmosphere of artistic center and provides the patron of Italy puttanesca. List of the special pastas, meat, seafood restaurant, various magical combinations plus the best wine selection. Most side dishes the La Romana spiedino bruschetta DI Octopus Carpaccio DI Manzo PERRONI are included. Decoration ' is the  most popular dish Bucatini amatriciana Pollo a Salmon Alla griglia "baked otchgrda and bias. Does Italy not puttanesca daily, offers lunch and dinner in the restaurant.

Pointed out that owns Felidia provide the Lidia Bastianich who  owner since 1981, regular customers. Some Italy regional cuisine and traditional materials and innovative presentation. Includes options such as appetizer, DI Zecca 2, lupus erythematosus capesante and orecchiette. Accepted along the Shiga Prefecture of DI Pro kitchen chef Nicotra, L ' offers, such as access to the RAM, risotto with hills, Illinois. Full bar serves drinks, wine, beer, cocktails, service customers ' broadly about the range after dinner.Read more....

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