Monday, March 11, 2013

How to prevent stomach deli ?

The food consumption of disastrous consequences "," Delhi Belly contaminated water comprises the curse of travelers from all over the world. It is common for Bharat, Kingdom of Nepal, SE Asia and Romance America by diarrhea, barfing and sickness can buoy occur on the stimulus. In New Delhi, there are some key tasks in order to reduce the stomach next trip smooth.

The number of faithful in the water. The drinking water of bacteria is upset, you can perform a host of parasites or other diseases can cause. Bottled water is safe in General, are ready to pack. The number of cases to the local media, and students. Security seals, make sure to increase safety.
You can try the iodine tablets. Iodine tablets and the environmental effect of a bottled body of water or purified water to reduce other sources of the bacteria in the water. Use common sense: If you are using iodine tablets mountains and water safety, a lot of distress in the Bangalore water press apparently is invisible. The shower and close the mouth. Even a small amount of water in the shower but amazing sound, later enormous effects can be. Delhi Belly, you do not need to keep a shower to avoid!
Eating food note. All to avoid it carefully. This is not a food like resting for long. No, it is flying. Food safety heating dishes or Front Street. Select a restaurant. Excellent food, the restaurant is dirty, safe is better than sorry. The restaurant is to reduce food preparation of contract see Delhi and other gastric lklkol can be an opportunity.

No buffet. The risk of food bacterial food buffet and sit as a long time. Faked food is almost always safe. Iced drinks. Of course, hidden Delhi Belly, so the ice will cause comes from tap water. Expand the tastes of food safety. Skip the vegetables. However, they are an attractive fresh fruit, vegetables and wash with tap water containing the bacteria. An adept guideline, the more you like it, eat it on your skin. An all Orange River is safe. Orange pre-peeled, sections. Food vendors because the wholesale fruit, generally vegetables, fresh and entertained the two need not produce a lower price.Read more.....

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