Monday, March 25, 2013

How to identify old dishes ?

Many antique collectors have enjoyed the hobby. Porcelain collects antiques, old food, and fun. There is a really good one for those who like the old cache and many old dishes. But if you look at the many dishes, successful reproduction really old dishes. These authentic, what is the same thing? The food is really old, like the variety of sushi is designed to show how to identify.

Turn the plate making the tag. Plates and porcelain mark early creators usually below the stamp operation. For many years these symbols can say has made the dish. After traveling before it since 1862, for example, the word "commercial" usually handwritten signs and mark.
Antique dealers, experts and local cuisine, see in it for her. Personally identifiable information old antique reproduction kitchen or in many cases the merchant plate. Cooking, but you can request it may be worth. Make sure that the chef is an old plate glass window. Several flaws, cracks, if cooking. Perfect for glazing machine processed foods.

Compared to the other dishes such as stew. Contemporary looks like? Cooking, food, local library, similar to the popular food popular 19 and 20 can be matched to find the book for the People's Republic of China.
Look for signs of wear. In the old years of use and wear plate, show tears for more opportunities. Looking for scratches, Cook cracked. They cooked a bowl of this representation can devalue the real You old. Read more......

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